What's Needed at the StartUp

We recently surveyed small business owners and asked what software they needed and how these helped them in the early days. A few of them subscribed to what was the cheapest, the easiest to figure out and what looks the best. These factors may seem shallow, but for a start-up business, these are important.  

Further in that survey, we asked them what they subscribed to and how these platforms worked for them. 

1. CRM is gold. Contact details for suppliers, clients and potential clients are vital.  Emails are more sought after than gold these days. We might as well call it the “Email Rush”. Sadly the act of rolling the Rolodex on desks would cut it anymore. Read more...

How Microservices are Costing You

Business and online platforms are symbiotic in nature more than ever. You can't have a business without using online services and online services wouldn't exist without businesses to drive them. The interrelation makes the engine work so the business and their clients go places. Delivering each function as a microservice and a subscription model is great for rapid customer acquisition and easier on the business’ budget. 

Applications were developed to only do ABC and they do it exceptionally well, but if your business requires XYZ then you are forced to subscribe to more platforms.  During the initial stages of Dashboard Online, I was constantly told to focus on a niche and go deep, but I didn't see it that way. I wanted to build a platform that would cater to which level the business is at rather than the type. Read more...

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