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Dashboard Online was born out of the frustration felt by almost all businesses during the first lockdowns in Australia. With the focus on the problems of running a business online and the issues of paying for and keeping multiple services running smoothly in sync with remote team members.

DO is built to provide a cost-effective way to manage remote workers while also providing a single subscription service that combines a stack of products to cover the basics every business needs. Based in Brisbane Australia, DO is managed by a dedicated team with a perfect blend of technical skills in application development and business management. 

DO works with business analysis, owners, and operators to develop unique solutions on top of the DO stack using its unique templated packaging system to provide a marketplace for business operations systems regardless of industry. 

DO is the ideal tool for any business, wanting to structure its systems, duplicate its operations and capture its business knowledge.

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Paul watched technology evolve from something hard to understand to something we can't live without. He started writing software over 30 years ago and transitioned out of it to become General Manager of a family-run Construction Business. The blend of real-world business and IT has given him a unique understanding of how technology can be used in the real world. DO is the cumulation of both his vision and passion for better and simpler business operations.

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