DO Business
Your Way

DO's core data management systems

Custom Forms

The custom form system are part of the core of DO's data management system. They let you build everything from simple one-page forms for basic data capture from the website to multi-relation forms for capturing complex user data or managing internal business processes. With fully customisable field-level logic and dynamic lists, custom action buttons allow your team to simply press a button and trigger automations, or set up appointments and tasks for your team.


These are the back bone of DO's powerful data management system. Lists capture data allowing you and your team to organise contacts in to groups, keep lists of products or servics, manage web page blogs or programs. DO list let you do business your way with ease.


With automations, you can capture events such as new contacts, incoming data from webhooks, button presses, and trigger record updates, send emails, move contacts into campaigns, and much more. The automation system gives you the flexibility to customise how DO it works for you.


DO's CRM is a fully-featured, flexible, and powerful contact management system with document management, one-to-many hierarchical data capabilities, and customisable forms with field-level logic. Tied back into the email and SMS marketing system and web form contacts, you can see when contacts visit your landing pages, when they open emails, and much more. The document system and web portal also allow your contacts to log in and manage their own data, upload forms, or multimedia.

DO's support systems

Web Pages

DO Web Page system features a powerfull content management system with direct integration into your content; set up templates, dynamic template engine based on Smarty , reusable components, with a full-featured drag-and-drop interface, or go full developer and access the HTML and CSS. Either use your own domain or use a subdomain.

Email/SMS Marketing Templates

Set up beautifully designed email templates or SMS templates to use in campaigns, auto-responders, and notifications.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

Build a step-by-step journey that allows you to feed your contacts email and SMS messages customised for them, with full automation for timing and holding contacts in stages until conditions are met. Let DO do the feeding, and you reap the rewards.


Workflows keep you organised and give you the ability to track contacts through complex processes. The advanced CRM system in DO allows multiple workflows for a single contact with a records of interest system. This means you can have multiple sales channels for a single contact.

Reports & Graphs

DO's reports and graphs allow you to extract information from your database. DO's reporting system allows for complex queries to pull the data you need and present it in the way you want. With summaries, lists, bar, line, and pie charts, along with multiple data sets, DO's reports do more.


Webhooks plug you into the rest of the internet, allowing you to get contacts and data from external sources such as partner systems or third-party platforms. Webhooks allow for data transformation to map complex information into your database for easy integration and automation.

Private Client Portal

Give your clients a private login to access their information, or restrict access to certain content based on a contact's profile. The DO client web portal lets your clients connect with your business without the expense of cumbersome membership systems.

Template Resale

Do you have a way of doing business and want to capitalise on it? Using the template system, you can set up pre-configured DO setups and create an installable template, from simple webpage templates to customised coaching systems and membership portals. You can build it and list it on the DO marketplace for others to install, either for free or for a fee. Or set up a referral link so your agents can sign up with DO, but with your systems set up from the get-go. No need to set up every new agent you sign up; simply build it once and deliver it via referral links. (Subscription revenue sharing is available.)

Operations Manuals

DO allows you to define how your business works; you can document your organisation's departments, roles, responsibilities, and standard operating procedures. These are fully tied into the task management system, making these more than just a dusty set of manuals. They work for you day in and day out as a central repository of how your business is to be run.

Business Departments and Roles

Part of the operations manuals is the structured Department Roles and related tasks. The structured documents also work as hierarchical structured organisational charts. It's here that your tasks become more than a list of abandoned wants and wishes; here, they are tied into your business's daily activities.

Tasks System

As part of the operations manual and hierarchical structured organisational chart, the task system gives your team reminders either tied to a day of the week, month, year, or attached to an event or button. Your tasks will become more than a list of forgotten things that should be done, but a driver for your team. With review processes to ensure tasks are completed properly, and with full completion and abandonment metrics, you can see who is keeping on top of their tasks. Review reports on performance for department, roles and users with ease.

Multimedia Delivery

DO uses AWS content delivery network to handle multimedia delivery, from images to full video presentations, at lightning speed. Tied into the webpage system and extended to a fully customised contact portal, you can deliver video content both to the public and privately behind a paywall.

AI Agents

DO interfaces with the OpenAI GPT system to give your business access to cutting edge AI. The DO AI Agents can be set up as simple chatbots for your team and assigned roles and primary commands, so they deliver responses related to their roles in your business. In addition, they can be tied into automations and can respond to incoming requests by returning custom messages and classifying messages.

DO Dashboards

DO allows for unlimited custom dashboards for you and your team. These are the opening pages when you log in and can be set up with reports, lists, buttons, and links. All panels are fully customisable, from design to content, so you can present to your team what they need to see.

DO Filters

DO implements filters across the CRM and Workflows systems to allow you to have different views of the same information. Set up different filters for sales, marketing, and management views, or by customer/contact types.

Referral Accounts

When you refer a new client to Dashboard and you're set up as an agent (contact us for details on our agent accounts), you can see your related accounts where you have the option of master access to support your referrals. This gives you access to update and support your users directly.

The DO user system allows for access to multiple accounts. By inviting an existing user with the same email, they will see your account listed as a related account, allowing them to switch accounts at any time.

User Permissions

Permissions are managed via roles with feature-level access options. Enterprise customers benefit from extended departmental and business role permissions.