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In recent years we have seen the rise of Virtual Assistants. VA's have contributed a lot in running businesses especially in doing the mundane day to day tasks that business owners do not have time to do. Combining a skilled VA and documented business processes equals consistency in business activities.

Below are advantages of having a Virtual Assistant combined with Dashboard Online for a small business;

  • Promotions - as you go out and network, your VA can execute marketing strategies in place and promote your business on your selected digital and social media platforms. With the marketing features built in Dashboard Online, your VA can do EDMs, manage your CRM, maintain your WEBSITE, execute scheduled TASKS and DOCUMENT business activities. 

  • Emails - have you ever had the "Zero Inbox" goal before? Everyday you say? Your VA can go through the emails so you don't have to. Document what types of emails you should be alerted to, prepare answers to FAQ's in the and list down the ones you need to unsubscribe or ignore, all this can be documented on your Dashboard Online Operations Manual. 

  • Workflow - from on boarding a new client to taking them through their journey, the workflow feature on Dashboard Online can assist your VA in identifying what your client needs at a milestone or what's next.

  • Productivity - it is said that an employee is productive for 3 hours per day. Please see linked article: In an 8 hour day the average worker is productive for this many hours
    Why not make sure that these 3 hours are indeed productive by having all the tasks scheduled, procedures documented, workflows actioned and eliminate the most common question that creates delays "what's next". Gone will be the days of hitting the wall and getting lost in a task. 

 If your VA can tick off all the tasks and execute all actions in the span of 3 hours you wouldn't require them for 8 hours which means you save on expenses and everything is done every. single. day.
There's more advantages in having a VA combined with Dashboard Online, these are just previews. 
Utilising Dashboard Online's full potential will ensure confidence in your business, your employees and your clients. Eliminate the worry and concentrate on doing great work. 
We are doing online information sessions soon so send us a message or email us at [email protected] to include you. Since you're here, go to our website www.dashboardonline.com.au and see how your business can be powered by DO.

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