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why do businesses with systems succeed?

You can scale with growth

Growth stresses any business system, having 10x the number of orders or new clients hit your door in short period of time can be stressfull and lead to unhappy customers. Processes to handle new customers and orders takes the thinking out of the equation and allows your business to scale.

Everyone knows what to do

Time is wasted when you have a team searching for information or asking what to do next. The more complex your offering the greater the chance your team will make mistakes or have to search past documents for direction.

Making processes obvious and having a system to run the processes drives a business as opposed to key members having to push it. Documenting your processes is critical to handling growth.

Higher rates and margins

Quality control processes are a sought-after attribute. Businesses with established processes to manage quality can ask for higher rates. This increased profitability means you keep more and will also give you a path to a Quality Assurance certification.

Consistent cash flow

Implementing documented workflows for marketing, sales, and production or delivery of your offering means all the key elements of your business can be run in parallel.  

The biggest mistake businesses make is the cycle of finding new work, doing the work, paying the bills, running out of money, and starting again.

Access to more capital

Your business with established processes and systems can be worth up to 2.5x as opposed to without any systems. This opens the doors to capital investors, traditional business loans, and lucrative business sales.

How DO you start?

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This may be too much to think about when you are in the midst of running a business and working long hours. But let's take this one small step at a time. We can send you some hints and tips that will help you from the get-go.

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